Manila Bay Beach is a non-profit organization committed to restoring both the beauty and glory — as well as the vibrancy of life — to the Manila Baywalk.

We optimistically advocate for the following outcomes regarding the Manila Baywalk area:

  1. Environmental awareness and protection,
  2. Beauty and cleanliness,
  3. Safety and security,
  4. Individual and community development and enrichment.

To foster change and make progress in our human situation (in those areas where there may be dissatisfaction), we must uplift the human condition. Collective behavior is changeable — when and where necessary — through knowledge, self-awareness, and a redeeming, rehabilitating, and transforming of the distressed human condition. This will infuse into the community an increased cooperation, selflessness and love that is — arguably — so desperately needed.

To that end, we are proud to offer a variety of activities, events and experiences that cater to not only the community’s interests but also its needs. Through our programming, we strive to encourage everyone to identify their highest good … and simply be and do that.