Manila Bay Beach is a non-profit organization committed to restoring the beauty and glory of the Manila Baywalk. Our mission goes beyond environmental advocacy and protection, as we strive to uplift the quality of life and lifestyle of the community.

We firmly believe that the revitalization of the Manila Baywalk can bring about positive change and development in the area. As such, we advocate for environmental awareness and protection, beauty and cleanliness, safety and security, and individual and community development.

Manila Bay Beach optimistically advocates for the following outcomes regarding the Manila Baywalk area, (and eventually, beyond):

1) environmental awareness and protection,

2) beauty and cleanliness,

3) safety and security, and

4) the encouragement of both individual and community development, enrichment and vibrancy.

Our activities go beyond just talking and advocating. We offer authentic experiences, such as dancing, singing, sweating, and laughing. We stand against the fake, plastic, and superficial world, and we strive to encourage everyone to identify their highest good and do just that.

We are proud to offer a variety of programs and activities that cater to the community’s interests and needs. Our goal is to provide a platform for personal growth and community building.

At Manila Bay Beach, we believe that change starts with us. If not now, then when? Join us in our fight for a better future. Visit us today and be a part of something meaningful.