I don't let everyone in my life. I don't crave attention. I am repelled by ignorance and idiocy. I hate small talk. I'm kind to animals. I love Manila Bay Beach.

LOVE at Manila Bay Beach!

I continually say that life will be lived here at Manila Bay Beach. This beach is soon to become an integral part of the fabric of life here in the city of Manila. People of all ages will fall in love at the beach. New friendships will be made at the beach. For the children, an entire lifetime of memories will be created at the beach. Sadly, also, as is life, people will have arguments and break-ups and tears will fall at the beach. But people will also reunite and rekindle their relationships at the beach. Life will be lived at this beach, Manila … and it’s going to glorious.

[UPDATED] The Dolomite Beach Will Soon Open! REGISTER HERE!

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is pleased to announce that the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach will reopen to the public on Sunday, June 12, 2022. Those who plan to visit the beach are advised to click on INFORMATION above for hours, requirements and other information. SPECIAL NOTE: No online pre-registration is currently required.

Manila Bay Beach Radio is Now on Amazon Echo!

You may already be aware that Manila Bay Beach Radio is currently available on and also on your Android smartphone (simply download the app from the Google Playstore and press play). Everyone here at is pleased to announce that Manila Bay Beach Radio is noooooow also available on the Amazon Echo! Simply say, "Alexa, play Manila Bay Beach Radio." 

Manila Bay Beach Radio is Now in TEST Phase!

Manila Bay Beach Radio — The Sound of the Bay — is Manila Bay's first and only curated, live, 24-hour, streaming radio station, playing popular music from yesterday (the 70s, 80s & 90s) through today: Top 40, rock/grunge, disco, adult contemporary, singers/songwriters, rhythm & blues, rap, live recordings and performances, and more.

The Dolomite Beach Remains Closed for Construction

Even as Metro Manila returns to Alert Level 2 (starting February 1, 2022), the Manila Bay’s dolomite beach will remain closed to the public until further notice as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) continues construction on the rehabilitation project in the immediate area. Please follow the official Facebook page at for immediate updates regarding the re-opening of the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach.  

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