is recorded at Manila Bay Beach in Malate, Manila, Philippines.

Join Manila Bay Beach Joe — and guests — as both conversation and his stream of consciousness take listeners on unscripted journeys through society and culture, including topics such as the absurdity of modern life, music, sleeping under the stars, passion & intimacy, the importance of self-education, acts of altruism, current events, tripping, societal nonsense, conspiracy, wellness & beauty, books, food, careers or lack-thereof, humor, self-improvement, the growing need for compassion and hand-holding, world-wide government agendas, cinema, the boogie, the relevance of nihilism, the beauty of people who curse and turn off their cell phones when in the company of others, health & fitness, life-after-death and death-after-life, history, sexuality, spirituality, entertainment, philosophy, travel, mental health, real science vs. the religion of science-ism, existentialism, relationships and the timeless comfort of worn blue jeans and oversized sweatshirts as he contemplates what may be truly important during this lifetime. 

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