Don’t be fooled: This is not your grandmother’s beauty pageant.

This is not a pageant that features women in tiny, two-piece swimsuits while wearing high heels. This is not a pageant that values artificial and plastic smiles or a particular body aesthetic. No, this pageant is about being real, genuine, authentic.

“Beauty” is defined in many different ways. Manila Bay Beach knows that true beauty comes from deep inside — a person’s authenticity and inner light is the highest expression of their beauty. Yes, there will be tuxedos and evening gowns and emcees with questions-and-answers and musical performances and celebrity judges and standards that must be met, as well as generous and possibly life-changing prize packages and — of course — the coveted crown. Your challenge is to reveal your realness to the audience — while also shedding any and all false pretenses. To that end, what will matter the most are three things — and three things only:

  1. Can you sing?
  2. Are you real?
  3. Do the panel of judges and the live audience believe that you are genuine?

That’s it. 

You — whoever you are — man or woman; young or old; gay, bi, straight or transgender; educated or uneducated; tall or short; thin or big-bodied; light-skinned or dark-skinned; et cetera — people are people, right? — you will only be judged on your voice and your realness — equally … and both the judges and the audience will share their opinions in real time.

Can you handle the judgement?

Can you handle the pressure? 

Can you handle the spotlight?

It essentially comes down to this for potential contestants: Can you sing, and do you have the courage to be real? Because your stage presence, performance and authenticity — and nothing else — will win you the crowd … and ultimately, that will win you the crown. 

Coming Soon!