Join us for Dialogue on the Beach, a program that aims to spark meaningful and intellectual discussions about topics that matter. From exploring philosophical questions to the analysis of both global and local issues, this program is a chance to engage in thoughtful dialogue with like-minded individuals.

Unlike superficial conversations that dominate our daily lives, Dialogue on the Beach will dive deep into topics that challenge our perspectives and positions and expand our knowledge — an effort to bring each of us closer to ultimate truths. We won’t engage in celebrity gossip nor will we have a discussion regarding the current fashion trends; however, we will explore topics such as the nature of consciousness and what happens when we die.

Join us and enjoy the classic art of meaningful conversation. Please reference the Dialogue on the Beach calendar found on this page — or click on CALENDAR — for upcoming dates.

We are just getting started, so please check back for additional gatherings.

Dialogue on the Beach is FREE.

See you at the beach!