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Discover the magic of rhythm and connection at “Drum Circle on the Beach”! This enchanting program invites people of all ages and backgrounds to gather around a blazing bonfire on the beach and immerse themselves in the soothing beats and vibrations of a multitude of drums.

As you breathe in the salty ocean air and feel the sand between your toes, let the hypnotic rhythms of the drums transport you to a state of deep relaxation and unity. Whether you’re an experienced percussionist or a novice, all drum styles are welcome, so bring your instrument and join in the fun.

“Drum Circle on the Beach” is more than just a musical experience; it’s a chance to connect with others in your community and experience a sense of oneness and harmony. As you sit and dance in the flickering light of the fire, you’ll feel the positive energy of those around you and be inspired to let go of stress and worries.

Be sure to check the calendar for exact dates and times, as this program will take place on various evenings at sunset throughout each month. Don’t miss out on this magical opportunity to drum, dance, and connect with others on the beach. The sound of the waves crashing and the warm glow of the fire will create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere that will stay with you long after the drumming has stopped.