We are pleased to inform you that as part of the ongoing Manila Baywatch program, first aid services will be provided to the public on both Saturday and Sunday — and multiple days during the week. This service is available to all individuals who may require medical assistance while enjoying the beach and its surroundings.

Our dedicated team of trained professionals, certified and trained by the Philippine Mountain Rangers and Wildlife Enforcers, will be available to provide first aid services for minor injuries and illnesses such as cuts, scrapes, sunburn, and heat exhaustion. In the event of a more serious medical emergency, our team is equipped to provide initial treatment and coordinate with local emergency services for further medical attention.

This service is available on a walk-in basis and is free of charge. We encourage all members of the community to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your safety while enjoying the beauty of Manila Bay and the beach.

Please visit BAYWATCH (in the menu above) to learn more about the Manila Baywatch program.