Welcome to manilabaybeach.com!

Hello, Manila! And welcome to manilabaybeach.com!

First and foremost, we are huge fans of Manila Baywalk and its soon-to-be two beaches — the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach will hopefully again open in April 2022, and the Mandamus Beach and the Fishing Wharf area will both be completed around May or June 2022 — and we want to give a heartfelt shout-out to everyone who has worked so diligently and tirelessly to bring this incredible vision to reality!

We simply love and appreciate everything about the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program, and we are extremely motivated to do our part AND to encourage everyone to do their part to keep the Baywalk and the entire beach area clean! We see the potential in the beaches at Manila Bay and easily envision Manila Baywalk’s destined return to grandeur and glory!

Again, to everyone involved with the beach nourishment project, thank you! — from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for this quality-of-life changing endeavor … for this gift you have given to all of us!

Why is this site called Manila Bay Beach?

Clearly, the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach at Manila Baywalk is/will not be the only beach; hence, a name that inclusively referenced both beaches, the Fishing Wharf area, the entire Baywalk AND the world’s most beautiful sunset — collectively — was necessary. To that end, we long-ago chose to use the sunset-idyllic Manila Bay Beach, as we felt the name affectionately captured the sand-between-your-toes, the wind-blowing-in-your-hair, and the warm-sun-on-your-face feelings that will — from these days, forward — forever be associated with the beaches and sunset at the Manila Baywalk.

Beyond that, it would prove to be a very difficult task to create jingles for Manila Bay Beach Radio that smoothly either spoke or sang Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach Raaadioooooo … it’s quite the mouthful — haha!

So … Manilaaaa Bay Beach Raaadioooooo!

For those few reasons above — and mostly, suspecting that all the various/beach names will likely/eventually blend together as one — the names Manila Bay Beach and manilabaybeach.com were proudly chosen.

manilabaybeach.com is your one-stop source for information and fun regarding both beaches and the entire Manila Baywalk area. Beyond the INFORMATION section (beach information, FAQ, a news magazine, local destination ideas, et cetera), manilabaybeach.com is all about THE FUN!

Starting with the official launch of Manila Bay Beach Radio (MBBR) in Summer 2022 — currently available for listening in its “test phase” — manilabaybeach.com has a long-list of events and activities planned for the following days, weeks and months, as well as long into the future. Everything is centered around the beach, and the best part of it all is this: It is all being done for you, Manila!   

Here are the events — information regarding each can be easily found at manilabaybeach.com — that we feel comfortable revealing at this time (there is so much more to come!):

        • Free clothing, books and music/LP giveaways!
        • A series of Mobile Legends 5v5 tournaments! 
        • A Manila Bay Beach song contest!
        • Endless MP3 Experiences!
        • 3-on-3 basketball tournaments!
        • A “beauty” pageant we are branding as The Realness Pageant!
        • A real, physically-go-out-into-the-world treasure hunt!
        • Unannounced flash mobs!
        • And even Manila Bay Beach: The Musical!

We are simply giddy with excitement to be able to launch this site and to be of assistance and benefit to Metro Manila and beyond!

One technical note: We did our best to optimize the site for desktops, smartphones and tablets. If there are any glitches, please understand that we are just getting started. We have the best of intentions and will make every effort to correct any performance issues as quickly as possible.

And one final note: As we are just now getting started, of course, everyone here at manilabaybeach.com invites you to engage with us on our various social media accounts:

Thanks, Manila, for all your support and positive vibes!

See you at the beach!