The beach is open daily from 6AM-6PM; however, the beach is closed every Thursday for maintenance.


The Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach is now open to the public daily — except Thursday — from 6AM until 6PM.  

To be clear: the beach is closed every Thursday — all day — for maintenance. 

Additionally, the Manila Baywalk is currently open to the public Monday-Friday, 6AM-8AM and 4PM-6PM.


The only entrance and exit to the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach is located near the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard.

The beach is currently and will remain FREE.

No online pre-registration is required.


The beach is located in Manila next to the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard.

Please click Location for both directions and additional details.  


Although water quality continues to improve, at this time, swimming and water sports remain prohibited. 

The July 2023 ambient test results at the beach area averaged 1185 MPN/100 mL. A 100 MPN/100 mL test result is required for safe swimming.

Testing is done weekly by the EMB-NCR.

As the average test results in 2019 were 30,000,000+ MPN/100 mL, it is clear that the water cleanliness at the beach has and continues to dramatically and steadily improve. Please visit this page for additional information.

For enhanced safety, lifeguards will be strategically located along the shoreline of the beach once swimming is allowed. Please visit Lifeguards for additional information.


Food, drinks — except water (but not in plastic bottles) — and smoking are not allowed and are prohibited at/on the beach.

To be clear: water and non-plastic, water bottles are allowed in and on the beach.

Soda, juice, alcohol, et cetera, are not allowed


There are multiple restaurants and dining establishments in the immediate area. 

Simply using the footbridge to cross Roxas Boulevard will offer most people enough options to satisfy simple/common tastes.

If a wider variety is desired, Robinson’s Place Manila — and multiple other dining destinations, in every direction — is only an approximate 10-minute walk from the beach. 


As defined by the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998, “foreshore land is a string of land margining a body of water; the part of a seashore …”

Accordingly, based on the Manila LGU’s Land and Foreshore Use Plan, the Manila Baywalk waters has been deemed a tourism and recreation zone; therefore, fishing is not allowed at the beach. 


Dogs and other pets ARE allowed on the beach — if each pet has both a diaper and a leash.

For the highest-level, guest experience, pets without a diaper and a leash will not be admitted to the beach. 


Photoshoots are allowed at the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach. 

Whether it is a pre- or post-nuptial, Sweet 16, professional/promotional, cosplay or other similar event, or if you are engaging in sunset and/or wildlife photography, if you are simply using a DSL camera — or similar equipment in size and scope — all photoshoots are allowed.

No advance permission and/or permit is required for photography activity that fits the above parameters. Additionally, there is no fee.

Please keep in mind that you should CONTACT us if you have a project that is larger in scope.

Finally, as drones are regulated by an authority outside of the beach — and combined with the beach’s close proximity to both the US Embassy and NAIA — they are not allowed.  


For additional news and updates regarding both the beach and the Manila Baywalk, please see the list below:

Additionally, you can learn about the History of the Manila Baywalk Area and/or dig into the Dolomite Beach Study, if those are topics of interest.


Manila Bay Beach offers a comprehensive list of activities and events designed to both engage with and entertain you during your visit to the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach. 

Currently, all programming is both FREE and open to all ages. Please be aware that some events may require advance registration and/or ticketing. Please visit each specific event page for further information.

Please visit the Calendar often as it is constantly updated.


Manila Bay Beach invites you to volunteer for both beach cleanup and/or other community-centric activities along the Manila Baywalk.

Please kindly visit our Volunteer page for additional information. 


For bicycles, there are multiple bike stands for public use located both at the beach entry and in the nearby, immediate area.

As the beach does not have a private area for the general public, parking for both motorcycles and cars is often available for a small fee along the Roxas Boulevard Service Road on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are also multiple, private parking lots (payment required) nearby in the immediate vicinity of the beach. If you don’t want to search and search, Robinson’s Place Manila is nearby — 300m walk away — and almost always has available parking. 

Parking for buses is often available at the nearby Manila Grandstand; however, we suggest you verify this in advance.



Two solar-powered restrooms are available along the Manila Baywalk (one near the U.S. Embassy and one near the Manila Yacht Club).

Each location has 2-4 water closets, 2-3 urinals, 2-3 shower cubicles and an area for lactation and/or diaper-changing.

Please note — that as of August 2023 — these facilities are not yet operational. 


Security, Maritime PNP/law enforcement and/or Manila Baywatch, Coast Guard and Navy personnel are present 24-hours, every day. Guard stations are also placed both along the Baywalk and inside the beach facility.

There are First Aid services available inside the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach.

Additionally, there are both solar-powered lights and CCTV currently being installed along the Baywalk and beach — as a result, the entire area will be well-lit and monitored 24 hours each day.