LOVE at Manila Bay Beach!

I continually say that life will be lived here at Manila Bay Beach. Starting on June 12, this beach will become an integral part of the fabric of life here in the city of Manila. People of all ages will fall in love at the beach. New friendships will be made at the beach. For the children, an entire lifetime of memories will be created at the beach. Sadly, also, as is life, people will have arguments and break-ups and tears will fall at the beach. But people will also certainly reunite and rekindle relationships at the beach. Life will be lived at this beach, Manila … and it’s going to glorious.

As an example of this life being lived at the beach, during a recent twilight evening, loooooove was put on full display and, Manila, not only was it gorgeous, it was inspiring, uplifting, and it provided the kind of warm feeeeeels that can only be felt when romance and love are in the air.

Manila Bay Beach and 24 Frames Wedding Films and Photography were able to coordinate and work together to create an amazing, post-wedding photo and video shoot. The stars of the shoot were clearly the groom and bride the regal JV and the lovely Lalaine however, the co-star was our very own Manila Bay Beach!

You can watch a teaser for JV & Lalaine’s wedding video here.

This evening was a celebration of love, but it was also a celebration of the beauty and majesty that both of the beaches at the Manila Baywalk will represent and forever offer

And Manila, starting on June 12th, we’ll see you at the beach!