Manila Bay Beach Radio is Now in TEST Phase!

Manila Bay Beach Radio — The Sound of the Bay — is Manila Bay’s first and only curated, live, 24-hour, streaming radio station, playing popular music from yesterday (the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s) through today: Top 40, rock/grunge, soul, disco, adult contemporary, jazz, gospel, singers/songwriters, rhythm & blues, country, rap, live recordings and performances, and more.

And although we may not be comfortably ready haha, Manila Bay Beach Radio is now in its testing phase on manilabaybeach.comEcho and on the Manila Bay Beach Radio app (available now in the Google Playstore)!

Although we are mostly testing the technical aspect of the radio station, LIVE DJs will soon be a part of the Manila Bay Beach Radio experience! We are so excited to get 1oo% started! We anticipate that happening in March 2022! But listen now … c’mon! Join us as we work out the problem areas and introduce ourselves to the world! (How scary! Haha)

Furthermore, an app for iOS is coming to the Apple Store very, very, very soon — we’re anticipating May 2022!

The Manila Bay Beach Radio producers are striving to build a product that will bring to you the kind of magic found only in music, as well as the kind of comfort found only in genuine, sincere companionship.

Lofty goals, we know; however, it is a long-established fact that music is a dynamic and powerful force that has the potential to raise our spirits when we need uplifting; music is also that lifelong friend that eases our pain when we crave its comfort. Music forms and reflects our lives — it highlights those times when we may have lived a bit too recklessly, those lonely moments we’ve cried, that singular instant when we fell in love. Music was there for the quieter moments; and as we all continue to grow, evolve and mature, music will always be there to prompt that welcome, rush of nostalgia — often ushering back to us overwhelming emotions for a multitude of tear-inducing and heart-pounding reasons.

Ah, the memories.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and that is why we connect with it and feel it so strongly, so deeply. Music is simply our refuge; it is our home when we are in need … and it is also there when we want to throw down and party, boogie with the sunset, sing at the top of our lungs or just vibe with the beat. And that is why Manila Bay Beach Radio exists: to connect with you on the most human of levels, and to help you create, feel and recall those distinct and disparate moments that have already defined — and that will continue to define — our lives.