The Mp3 Experience is a participatory audio adventure where attendees listen to synchronized secret instructions in a public space via headphones. Manila Bay Beach Radio will stage a new Mp3 Experience at Manila Bay Beach multiple times each year. 

Here’s how it works: We create an original audio file (around 45 minutes long) that attendees add to their smartphone via our website (this page, right here). Everyone arrives at the dolomite beach wearing headphones or earbuds, blending in with others. At a  predetermined start time, the synchronized playback of the MP3 audio file begins for all users. Hilarity ensues as participants carry out ridiculous, coordinated instructions delivered to their headphones via the Manila Bay Beach Radio narrator, and everyone else not involved in The MP3 Experience — perplexed and confused — tries to figure out and understand the nonsense surrounding them.


The premiere of the first (of many) MP3 Experience is tentatively scheduled for the 2023 BER months! 

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