The above unnamed art work is an original, one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn and hand-painted, multi-layered texture, 75cm x 100cm, acrylic painting recently completed by Manila Bay Beach Joe.
Joe conscientiously selected the words and symbolism, then diligently plotted and planned the aesthetics: the layout, color and design. Paying homage to the Filipino culture and language, Joe earnestly set out to create a work of art that not only raises the individual spirit through the magic of positive, uplifting words, but also elevates consciousness by reminding each viewer of the importance of those things that highlight the essence of our existence.
Although the art piece is featured within the Giveaway category, Joe has not yet given permission for its release. Possibly copies will be made or a duplicate will be created … in short, the destiny of this work has not yet been decided.
Regardless, for further insight behind Joe’s artistic intention, please see the below image — far right — for a brief description of the relevance and meaning behind each symbol.

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