Join us on the beach for Prayer, Affirmation & Song — a program designed to empower and fill your soul with positivity and spiritual energy. Whether you’re looking to start your day with an uplifting activity or end it on a positive note, our program has got you covered.

At various times throughout the days and weeks, we’ll be gathering together as a community to enjoy the uplifting power of group prayer and positive affirmation as well as the soothing comfort of hymnals in a breathtaking setting — the beach. As you take in the fresh sea air and listen to the calming sound of waves crashing on the shore, you’ll be surrounded by the positive energy of like-minded individuals who are committed to elevating one another through joy and the power of positive intention.

Please reference the Prayer, Affirmation & Song calendar found on this page — or click on CALENDAR — for upcoming dates. We are just getting started, so please check back for additional gatherings.

All Prayer, Affirmation & Song sessions are 100% FREE. 

All religions and beliefs are welcome, celebrated and encouraged to participate

The Wednesday morning sessions are led by the Cathedral Choir Outreach.

See you at the beach!