Are we are looking for top graduates who want to jumpstart their career in a challenging yet rewarding environment where they can discover their full potential?

Sure. Why not? Cool. But, mostly, it depends on the position. 

The human resources team here at understands that it takes more than a college degree to be successful. It takes an innovative mind, dependability and reliability, loyalty, efficiency, creativity and, for us, the ability to laugh at yourself, an open mind, and a fun-loving and engaging personality and spirit — but few of those things are taught in the classrooms of higher education. We know: we’ve been there. As a result, everyone here at values self-education with the same regard as any high school or college degree. 

In the end, it comes down to performance. Can you do the job? And can you do it at a high level, regardless of your formal — or lack of — education?

If so, and if you are interested in inspiring through Manila Bay Beach, we want to know.

Clearly, we are just getting started and the potential for growth is phenomenal. But in the interest of full disclosure and respect for any potential applicants, we are not hiring at this moment. 

However, we are accepting resumes and cover letters for consideration in the near future. If you are interested in working as a content creator, a disc jockey, an event coordinator, online/onscreen talent, marketer, drone operator, choreographer, writer, or one of a multitude of different opportunities, let us hear from you. 

That said, we are looking for qualified volunteers to serve as activity leaders at the beach — consider it an entry-level position. Please review the list below for current opportunities:

  • Calisthenics
  • Cardiovascular & Plyometrics
  • Dialogue, Discourse & Debate
  • Prayer, Affirmation & Song
  • Stretching & Yoga
  • Zumba

One more note: if you don’t have much of a resume yet, tell us that. Be honest, and please don’t forcibly create a resume that is not completely, well, um, “accurate”: we appreciate honesty more than a polished resume. If we can’t trust you, we don’t want you working for us. So, let’s start any potential working relationship in the proper, respectful manner — and that respect, we promise, will go both ways.

So, if you feel you don’t yet have a resume of which you feel proud, send instead a document titled “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire Me” — or simply send something that captures our attention and piques our interest, while also representing and promoting you. We want to know you — keep that in mind.

That said, simply submit your resume, list and/or cover letter to, and we’ll review it and keep it on file or contact you immediately if there is a combination of inspiration, qualification and opportunity. 

Also, check back here and/or FOLLOW Manila Bay Beach for future listings.